AHM Procurement

Managing what you print

‘For most businesses, pinning down print costs is a little like transporting water in your hands. It is estimated that less than a third of organisations have an accurate understanding of what the cost actually was, yet they could reduce document costs by 10-30% by having the right equipment’, - Gartner, 2011.

Print management is assigning responsibility to a specialist company who will help find cost savings, efficiencies and improvements with regards to your printing fleet.

It is true when people say, ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’.

The right equipment for your business

Understanding a true and accurate breakdown of costs is essential and can be achieved by a systematic bench marking approach using our Managed Print Services. By tailoring to the needs of your business and processes, we can deliver significant overall benefits. This does not just mean supplying ink and toner, even though we could save you up to 70% in ink costs, we can evaluate your printing fleet and provide you with the right equipment to suit your business. And it couldn’t be simpler, all these benefits can be delivered to your doorstep for one easy monthly payment, without any hidden charges and upfront costs!

Print Management will not only have a high impact on your overall savings but significantly reduce you carbon footprint.

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