AHM Procurement

Cost effective purchasing for work supplies

Busy offices rely on general office supplies to keep their business operating and moving forward.

Working with specialist partners we can supply essential products for every workplace from paper to printer ink, stationery, computer accessories, office electronics, catering supplies, janitorial and cleaning supplies, as well as office furniture.

Reduce your impact on the environment

We are focussed on driving down costs, maximising efficiency and consolidating spend in these areas but endeavour to source environmentally friendly products, designed to help you reduce your impact on the environment. Our preferred partner, Redbox, has an Ecobox range, featuring items that are either made from recycled materials or have been manufactured from a sustainable source.

The office supplies market is evolving and navigating the current market landscape for office supplies can prove challenging. A limited number of suppliers hold the majority of market share, and it’s more difficult for procurement teams to negotiate competitive pricing. To counter this, we work with partners with significant buying power and the ability to negotiate better buying terms. We would expect to find savings on average of 8% above, and beyond, what businesses could achieve on their own.

We benchmark your costs

Bench-marking current office supply costs, and processes, is the starting point to establish whether office supplies are currently being procured competitively? This involves reviewing billing information for a minimum of one quarter, analysing and profiling the expenditure, identifying where there are opportunities to make savings, and agreeing a plan of action with the client going forward to maximise the opportunity.

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