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Mobiles- the technology that we cannot live without

We know how important mobiles are in everyday life, but they are becoming equally important in business. The establishment of 4G, and the ongoing role out of 5G, applications for almost every business process, and enhanced business security, has made the mobile phone a powerful piece of technology that should form part of an overall Unified Communications strategy.

Good access to a reliable data connection can unlock flexibility, efficiency, productivity and collaboration, having a direct impact on reputation and your bottom line.

Developing tech

The business mobile market moves fast. New tariffs, solutions and technologies are emerging all the time. That’s where AHM can help. By looking at developing tech, we can futureproof your mobile communications, helping you to achieve more with innovative technology.

Mobiles can be cheap. There's no denying that. With access to rafts of suppliers, contracts and handsets every organisation can find cost-effective mobile solutions. This is where our procurement service can help you. We can benchmark your mobile services to ensure that you are not paying more than you need for such an essential service. But we would like to do so much more for you!

Mobiles should form part of an overall communications strategy

We believe mobiles should form part of an overall communications strategy. The benefits of business mobiles now go far beyond the basics of being able to make and receive phone calls wherever you are. With constant advances, in both hardware and software, mobiles are quickly becoming one of the most important business communication tools.

With the ability to sync in-house VoIP telephony with your mobile means that calls you make are the same as when you are in the office. You can seamlessly ‘handoff’ calls between office and mobile allowing you to keep a conversation going if you need to leave the office or upon your return.

Collaborate effectively

The ability to collaborate effectively is one of the most important aspects of remote working. Mobile phones make this possible. With the ability to join conferences, management meetings, and project meetings staff can participate as if they are in the same building. Add to this the many collaborative tools that are available on mobile platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, and it's never been easier for colleagues to keep in touch.

Let AHM Procurement help you with all your mobile needs.

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