AHM Procurement

Save time and money with a fuel card

Businesses with a mobile workforce, big or small, has major expense costs when running their vehicles. Not only is it expensive, it can lead to hefty administration costs and irregularities linked with chasing receipts. Fuel cards are the best option for you.

A fuel card takes the hassle out of paying for fuel and collates all vehicles into one easy to read report- perfect for cutting down on tedious administration hours. Using a fuel card will streamline the whole practise freeing up more hours to run your business.

Safe and efficient

They are safe, more efficient than credit cards, and will provide any business invaluable savings through the fuel cards ability to track and report on fuel spend and usage. Businesses can use this information to identify areas of inefficiency and fraud within the fleet. By attaching a card to a specific vehicle, the fuel card will ensure only company cars are fuelled.

With access to a network of up to 6,500 fuel sites across the UK, your fleet could not find refuelling more convenient.

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