AHM Procurement

Let us help you to reduce your energy costs

There is one certainty in the current volatile energy market. Electricity and gas costs will continue to rise and, with hundreds of different tariffs on offer from dozens of different suppliers, it will become increasingly difficult to make the right energy buying decisions.

Buying energy is a time-consuming activity and it is worth having a trusted advisor on your side to reduce uncertainty and help pick the right terms for your business.

We have partnered with leading, independent UK energy consultancies

To this end we have partnered with leading, independent UK energy consultancies to buy energy more competitively for our clients. Their continuous monitoring of the energy market identifies saving opportunities for gas and electricity; and their access to specialist pricing books will provide better deals than can be achieved directly from suppliers.

We have negotiated this free energy procurement service to secure competitive fixed price contracts for you – prices can vary by as much as 28% between the highest and lowest quotes obtained - to give you budget certainty and help your financial planning.

Peace of mind

Business life can be hectic. Outsourcing your energy procurement to us will save you time, effort, and money. The peace of mind of knowing there will be no hassle of securing the right contract for your needs; switching suppliers; and tracking your contract renewal dates- we will do this for you. By outsourcing to us, you can guarantee that there will be competitive new tariffs offered to you once your contract is ready for renewal, thus protecting you from significantly higher out of contract rates.

Energy procurement is only the first phase of an energy management strategy. The second is becoming more energy efficient to reduce your carbon footprint and unlock further savings opportunities!

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