AHM Procurement

Every drop counts

You have been able to switch your water supplier in Scotland to get a better deal since 2008. In England, it was April 2018 before the water supply market was opened to competition. Competition still does not exist in Wales. Yet it is estimated that 25% of water customers, large and small, are paying more than they should for their water services and could significantly reduce their water and sewerage costs by claiming back retrospective overcharges - in some instances going back six years.

Water companies have complex pricing structures and it is surprising how many ways they find to charge your company money. They even charge you for the rainwater that drains from your property into a public sewer – the cost to business is roughly £1 billion each year! However, you can claim exemptions going forward, and refunds, if you can prove that these Surface Water Drainage charges do not apply to you.

Don't pay more than you need to

Our expert team – we have been involved with our water management partners, Water Management Solutions - for over 25 years - know how to unlock savings (see testimonials) on your water bills that occur because of undetected leaks; inaccurate standing charges; water companies making the wrong assumptions with regards to the amount of water returned to the sewer; and the miscalculation of trade effluence charges.

We can undertake a review of your water and wastewater charges without cost. There are no upfront fees to pay as our work is completed solely on a performance related fee basis. No savings possible? Then nothing is payable to us at all.

That's right, if we do not identify any proven savings or back dateable claims, there will be no fee payable by you for the work completed. However, you will still have the benefit and peace of mind of knowing that you are paying the correct amount for these services in future.

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